About Gladiator

Where can I see a Gladiator Truck Camper?

Gladiator Truck Campers are very new to the US.
All orders placed are assigned to a specific build.
Hotomobil USA is developing a dealer network that will allow our future customers to view Gladiators in person.

Does Hotomobil have a dealer network in USA?

Hotomobil USA dealer network in progress.
Current orders and sales are handled directly with Hotomobil USA
We are looking forward to working with RV dealers across the USA.
Feel free to inquire at RV dealers to contact us.

Where are Gladiators manufactured?

Gladiator Truck Campers are manufactured in Gebze, Turkey.
Each Gladiator is made to order and shipped to the USA.

Do you have a royalty program?

We believe in a continuing relationship with all of our customers.
We will be offering repeat customers that want to upsize/downsize for their next units a discount of 5% till end of 2024.

Order process

How long does it take to receive my Gladiator?

All Gladiator orders are manufactured as order is placed.
Each Gladiator is made to order and shipped to the USA.
It will take minimum of 3 months to manufacture your Gladiator and ship to the USA via container ship.

How does the order process work?

  • Customer contacts Hotomobil USA through our order form or Contact Us page.
  • A Hotomobil USA product specialist will discuss the order with Customer to finalize specs.
  • Hotomobil USA and Customer sign contract on Docusign.
  • Customer wires 30% of the total cost to Hotomobil USA.
  • Hotomobil USA places order at the factory in Gebze, Turkey.
  • Gladiator is built and completed it is ready for shipping.
  • Customer wires 40% to Hotomobil USA.
  • Hotomobil USA ships the unit via container ship.
  • Hotomobil USA works with Customer to finalize delivery logistics.
  • Customer wires 30% remaining balance to Hotomobil USA.

About Interiors

Who makes the interior products?

Interior appliances are all leading name brands in RV industry.
All cabinetry is assembled and made at our factory.

Is there a galley area in a Gladiator?

Yes, each Gladiator features a refrigerator, and a two burner LPG cooktop/sink combination with individual covers.

Is there a bathroom in a Gladiator?

Yes, each Gladiator has a bathroom with shower as well as an outdoor shower hose/controls with an outdoor enclosure.

Does Gladiator come with hot water heater?

Yes, each Gladiator comes with a diesel hot water heater.

How is the inside of Gladiator heated?

Gladiator Truck Campers come with a diesel powered heater.


What is the insulation in a Gladiator?

Gladiators are built with a 20 mm polyurethane insulation between the outer and inner walls.
Insulation provides a Thermos effect as well as adding to the structure’s strength.

Are there any seams that can leak in a Gladiator?

No, Gladiators are constructed as single-mold fiberglass.
There are no seams or rivets to hold the structure together which creates a water tight seal.

Are jacks on Gladiator removable?

Gladiator jacks are removable, and invertible (point upwards).


Can we request custom designs?

We would love to hear of your ideas. Some could be integrated without extra cost.
Hotomobil USA will try their reasonable best to provide you with your dream Truck Camper